Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Doctor Called Me "The O Word"

In getting ready for the transformation launch party I thought it would be a good idea to see what my state of health and wellness was, I realized I didn't have a primary care physician and needed to find one, oh boy what a task! Check out Tips on Selecting a Primary Care Physician by Dr. John Betz

After receiving a very good referral, I have to say my first consultation with my new doctor was quite eye opening, I was unprepared for medical interview by not knowing my family's medical history that well. Check out How to Compile Your Family Medical History from the Mayo Clinic.

Then came the ugly part she ask me to step on the very sophisticated looking machine that I soon found out was a scale by hearing these words in slow motion “two-hundred -thirty-five pounds", OUCH! Then I heard these words crystal clear "you are considered to be obese" yes she called me "The O Word"… and ordered that I come back for lab work. I was just happy to get out of there, Horrible!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Let Myself Go - Wet Towel Moment

I can’t remember the day when I decided that it was ok to let my self go, or is gradual day to day decay how it happens? I’m not DR Phil nor do I want to be. I just know that it is a correctable mistake and that there is no short cut to weight loss. But I will share with you when the wet towel of “you let your self go” hit me the face; (well actually it might have been a wet wipe after eating a bakers dozen of my favorite hot wings). After two recent trips with my friends and partners Hardbody Dan and Marathon Joe I noticed I kept resisting going to the beach and/or any type of physical activity (like parking and walking in to order fast food instead of the utilizing the drive thru), and then this happened (do you hear the train a coming…), I was having a cold beverage when two attractive females approached (cool uh), things were going well until I heard “you look like my friends dad” - in what had to be some foreign language, because I had to ask three times, “What did you just say”.

It took me two weeks to pull off that wet towel and decided that it was time for a good old fashion make-over aka the transformation.

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